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  1. Great job, John. I’m not from Utah, so I’m not familiar with the host, but he sure seemed TBM, as he could not/would not say “Mormon” during the interview. He has been schooled very well. Anyway, you came off as very authentic, cordial, and informative.

  2. I think LDS growth rates have been declining basically because of a continued cultural shift away from structured religious experience and toward extremely subjective personal religious experience. This is affecting other faiths besides LDS as well.

  3. Great job John. I applaud Fox 13 for being open about having you on, even though I think Bob Evans might just be a TBM. It speaks highly of him.

  4. Is it just me or did he REALLY want to emphasize you were excommunicated? That, and the full and authorized name of the (NOT Mormon) church. I’ll give him credit for asking questions that allowed you to open up a bit on things he looked a little uncomfortable hearing. I thought you came off great, John. Well done.

  5. I agree with DB…good segment and representative of how many of us feel. With warts and all, even if I chose not to believe the entire Mormon story, I applaud the good the church can do even with knowing some of the Skeletons being exposed. The whole gospel of christ is about repentance and doing better…right!

  6. Non-Mormon here. Members of the church blame everything on Jesus and God with what the Mormon church says and does… do NOT blame God and Jesus for the decisions of these men. …if Joseph Smith is the bar that you measure everyone else by, oh God help you all…. he was a ConMan, a pedophile….. get your heads out of the sand and just research it’s all there. I think nonmembers know more about Mormonism than you all that are in the church, born in the covenant, all this other jazz ….wake up, do research. A lot of you have college degrees and are supposed to be smart people for heaven sake ….there’s no way in the world that you can justify a ConMan telling Emma that an Angel’s is going to smite him with a sword if he can’t take other women, this ridiculous…. wake up people ….he drank coffee, alcohol, smoked. I blame all of you for being so shadowed and naïve. This is definitely a cult by definition, no wonder from the beginning you were told not to read anything that wasn’t Mormon, because they don’t want you to find out the freaking truth… so you will be told to tithe,tithe,tithe so the fat cats in Salt Lake can hoard up money. I don’t feel sorry for any of you ….quit being so SHEEPISH! I have attended your sacrament meetings and everyone gets up and chants the same cultish thing…. I know the church is true, I know Joseph was a prophet… well if you have to keep repeating it and chanting it week to week so it will brainwash people, what does that tell you !!!!!!!!

  7. Great job John. You represent the rest of us with such intelligent grace and eloquence that we all wish we had. You are such an effective and honest voice. So comforting to know you’re there.

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