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  1. Oh m y gosh..this interview speaks volumes for love, vulnerbility, honest hurt..and honest self reflection. I so admire you John. Please, please note to that self awareness of the honest good you have done. Mistakes?? Yes. But because these things keep you awake, you are the teachable child that brought you to these moments in your life.
    Take all your knowledge, wisdom and all those good things around you as well as who you are as a Dr. and what you teach…take those things and apply them to your personal growth…you have already …you just need to see that.

    You are our postmormon Ghandi…our Oprah…and our voices that are silenced sometimes by those we love inside and outside the world of mormonsim. Your touch with your the touch that humanizes all of us.

    Best to you, Margie and family..

    1. Thank you Vickie for putting into words so perfectly and beautiful. John the service,love,devotion ,caring a ton of other talents have saved many of us perhaps at time you feel like you are headed to the sluter but as calm as a summers breeze . You are are inspiring to all of us who seek help and acceptance . Thank you

  2. Please, please, please, please, do some interviews of others together! You both bring such interesting, thoughtful, and different perspectives to this. Love to you both!!

  3. Thanks for the deep honesty and vulnerability! You are both amazing human beings. May God (universe, joy, hope) bless your continued development and journeys.

  4. I am not only NOT Mormon but I’m not even religious. In the least. And yet, for the past year I have been listening to Mormon stories. I see these stories as great sagas of courageous journeys and the sheer beauty of transcending that which does not serve and indeed, often hinders. And the continuing thread is you, John. Your own journey, your own heart which seeks truth and clarity. Of course mistakes have been made! As your wonderful and wise wife points out- you are human. We all are. And we all falter, we all fail, we all doubt ourselves. But the sheer glory of it is the continuing desire to seek truth, to show love, to get up and do what it is we have before us to do.
    That’s you, John. And you will probably never have any idea how many lives you have changed for the better. How many eyes you have opened. How much good you have done.
    Thank you for allowing us to see a part of yourself and your work and your family which only adds authenticity to your voice.
    May you continue this good work for as long as you are able. You absolutely never know whose life you are touching.

  5. Fascinating insights on all levels! My wife and I hadn’t considered all of the behind the scenes struggles. It makes us appreciate what Mormon Stories has accomplished even more.

  6. Thanks for your vulnerability and owning the struggles of your journey. Sounds like you are wanting to do what you love (interviews, therapy, retreats) rather than the roles of a CEO, manager, or business entrepreneur. We don’t learn these things sometimes without venturing into the unknown and trying. Hopefully you have a better idea now of what roles you do not want as your career continues to take shape. I hope the hurts will heal and those who worked for you can obtain meaningful work they desired in other directions. I’m glad you have Margi at your side to give you support through this journey. Hope you can help many more as this movement continues to grow. Thanks for all you have done!

  7. Sincere and sweet interview, honest and open. I attended a podcast where John interviewed Greg Prince and he had the audience sing the Primary song, I’ll Walk with You. His sincerity was touching,: the ability bring people together is a talent he has. The community will develop as it needs to. Hope you both can enjoy your part in itt; it’s a gift you have given.

  8. John and Margi…. What a wonderful interview. It was delightful to see Margi at the controls and John responding to her questions. I hope that you know what support and encouragement both of you have given to so many. I admire your introspection and the analysis of your journey with Mormon Stories …. Keep up the great work you are doing to the benefit of so many.

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