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  1. This is awesome! I did miserably on the quiz. I love the idea of transcripts, since I’m such a print media person and I can always find time to read anything but finding time to listen is impossible. I suggest you post transcripts of all the podcasts eventually. 🙂

  2. Thanks for doing this, John. I’m really looking forward to these podcasts! (Though, point of clarification: I’m a graduate student who teaches undergrads in women’s studies classes, not a professor). 🙂

  3. “apart from the fact that Emma suffered much hardship, and ultimately wasn’t faithful.

    I disagree with this characterization of Emma. I think she showed a remarkable resiliency of faith in putting up with Joseph’s shenanigans. I think one could argue quite persuasively that between Joseph and Emma, she was the more faithful. Perhaps you meant that she wasn’t faithful to Brigham Young. Knowing what we know about that man, could one really view that as a character flaw?

  4. John,

    And when is your disciplinary council scheduled?? Just kidding…seriously, I am excited to hear this series. Hopefully, the issues you raise will help relieve some of the horrific suffering women go through in the Church as second-class members dominated by egotistical men. Just be careful you don’t run amuck of The Brethren. This month’s First Presidency message talks of disloyalty and closing ranks in the church – CAUTION IS ADVISED.

  5. John,

    This is great stuff…I enjoyed it very much.

    I did terrible on the test and was shocked to learn a lot of new information in this podcast.

    I plan on sharing it with my friends.


  6. John,

    This is great stuff…I enjoyed it very much.

    I did terrible on the test and was shocked to learn a lot of new information from this podcast.

    I plan on sharing it with my friends.


  7. John, I noticed the same sentence which Equality did,and made a vehement mental objection. I think you mean that she wasn’t faithful to the group who decided to trek out west. I certainly don’t think there was any sexual infidelity on her part, despite all that she put up with. If I remember right, in Mormon Enigma, it said her last words were “Joseph, Joseph!”.

    I’m glad that you’re making the effort. One of the first times that I visited mormonstories was when you had your list of why people leave the mormon church, and I remember doing a mental eye roll that you had left women’s issues off the list. 🙂

  8. Just so ya’ll know, I was not trying to convey my view about Emma…I was trying to convey the “standard line” about Emma from mainstream correlated church history — which is that she suffered a lot, but ultimately wasn’t faithful to the church (“lost her faith”).

    Of course I personally view this as an abysmal caricature of her….but I was trying to say that we needed to dig deeper to really understand.

    Anyway, I clearly wasn’t clear enough. Just so you know what I was trying to say.

  9. John,

    I figured that’s what you were trying to say but wasn’t sure everyone who read it would see it that way.

  10. John,

    This is a great start. I felt sad listening to it, though, because it seems like you’re probably preaching to the choir. I can’t tell you how many times I have just HINTED at some of my concerns about the treatment/position of women in the church and had other church members look at me like I’m from Mars and tell me that they have NEVER EVEN thought about my concerns/criticisms. ??? I guess I can only hope that some of those people are listening to your podcasts.

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