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    1. The Mormons have the only, living prophet on the face of the earth, right? What has he been doing as far as speaking to the people of the world on the COVID19> If you are going to claim that your are GODS ONLY LIVING PROPHET, don’t you think you should be reaching out to come or God to you. Don’t keep silent, President Nelson, the world’s needs to hear from you. You are in a very unique position, don’t you think? You are God’s mouthpiece on earth. I am sure that God has some things to say to you/ Read your Bible

      1. A Worldwide Fast, closing temples, bringing missionaries home, cancel church at the buildings, sacrament in the home, Come Follow Me already prepared for a time such as now, most church employees working from home, sending aid to other parts of the world, etc. etc. Looks like President Nelson is responding and speaking to the world. The new proclamation:
        Just a thought…

        1. He needs to reach out to the world; to go to the lost sheep; not wait for the lost sheep to come looking for him. Nelson, if he really is God’s Only Ordained Prophet on the Face of the Earth, has a very unique responsibility. Here is a question for. How many people outside the Mormon Church, even know who Nelson is? If nobody in the world knows or who he is, then he hasn’t done his job as the World’s Only Living Prophet. A real prophet does not keep silent. A real prophet would be on International TV everyday, talking to the people of the world. A real prophet would be that person, standing alone at the City Gate, warning people and revealing to people, God’s will for them

  1. The germs of pessimism and criticism are far more dangerous and contagious than any virus. The negativity of this website toward the Church has killed more spirits than any lives missionaries spreading the hope of the gospel message will ever kill. I’ve seen firsthand the darkness, confusion and doubt that this website creates or fuels … and it’s sad. Focus on goodness and light and love, instead of focusing on knocking down something that does so much good in the world. Physical sickness is not the worst thing that can happen to people.

    1. You say physical sickness is not the worst thing that can happen to people. How about death? You’re talking about unicorns and rainbows while people’s lives are being threatened. Children are going to lose parents, and some children will lose their lives. People of all ages will die. Positivity is always helpful, to be sure, but it doesn’t cure viruses. Your dismissal of the importance of health and life, I know is not a general characteristic of the Mormon population, who have good about preparedness issues. People can share conference talks on youtube all day long in the safety of their own homes without infecting other people by trying to share the gospel face to face. Let’s get real.

      1. I guess it depends on your perspective … death is terrible and tragic. I’ve lived through the painful loss of someone I loved dearly … but death is also not the worst thing that can happen to someone. Everyone’s belief on life after death is different, and I guess we will all never really know until our turn to depart this life … but I am grateful for the message of the restored gospel that teaches me that death is not permanent, family relationships are possible after this life, and that the pains and heartache of this world are temporary. That is a message that is very worth sharing, and that is what these missionaries give up two years of their lives to teach people. I agree that if they are going door to door at this time, that it is unwise and unsafe. It is also probable that if they are doing so, they are not being obedient to their mission rules at this time … as we all have the freedom to make decisions for ourselves that are unwise or disobedient. From what I understand, (and having a child out on a mission right now of my own), the Church is being very cautious and careful and they are counseling mission presidents and missionaries appropriately and according to the severity of the situation. I still maintain that our nation is spiritually sick in many ways and the light of the gospel and knowledge of Jesus Christ can bring help, healing and peace to those that are suffering. It all depends on your perspective and experience. This pandemic is one giant fear about death. Jesus Christ overcame death so that those of us that face it, either personally or through the loss of a loved one, can feel comfort and peace and have the strength and ability to move forward when it happens. Whether death comes by disease, accident, tragedy, or natural causes, knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ provides hope and healing. The message of Jesus Christ swallows up the sting of death. Not understanding that message is what is tragic. So many suffer inconsolably when faced with the loss of someone they love. I maintain death is not the worst thing that can happen to someone. Lack of faith in life after death is.

        1. Good thing your church built all those hospitals with their tax subsidized receipts, that was really prescient on their part.


      2. I am disappointed that you would call the doctrines of the atonement, the resurrection, and eternal families “unicorns and rainbows” . EVERYONE is going to die at some point … that is a guarantee. And almost assuredly, everyone is going to face the death(s) of someone they love during their lifetime. Whether it happens through exposure to a pandemic or some other means, death is one certainty we can absolutely count on. Not one single person on this earth will escape it . We should be wise and limit the possibility and risk factors that cause death (wearing seatbelts, getting immunized, using life jackets, avoiding risky and unsafe activities, social distancing, etc.), but ultimately no one can control how long they, or someone they love, will live. Death is inevitable … and preparing spiritually for that inevitability is one of the wisest choices we can make. Learning about the gospel and internalizing its principles can bring great peace when faced with the reality of death. Christ centered doctrines about the eternal destiny of humankind are not akin to unicorns and rainbows. They are real and certain and true.

        1. You just couched all your un-knowables in one actual real thing. Wrapped it up and tried to pass it as true. Calling it unicorns rainbows or santa and the tooth fairy may hurt your feelers a bit but put it all in a pot on the stove and boil it down- – we don’t know…. WE DONT KNOW the after life. Apostles of a century ago debated on the premortal, Oaks has stated he has never seen christ and none of his colleagues (interesting term for the quorum) have either, Holland talked about not know how sealings will work in the after life for the unique and odd situation, Oaks at the last conference made a second wife’s real anxiety concern a laughing joke for the general conference and all laughed at her as he minimized it to not knowing the color of the drapes. So its one thing to make jokes about the periphery but really that is just a distraction from the notion that perhaps we are just trying to shore up our core ‘unknowing’ and so we say we absolutely know god christ mormonism bishops etc are real and true. You packaged that all up in a long shpell of everyone dies, I have experienced some lose, yada yada therefore god is real, christ came back to life. When mormonism doesn’t work – My experience has been seeing mormons (wife included) reframe life to fit mormonism to still be not just workable but right and true.

          Prophetic and “Seer” – would have been pulling missionaries from their missions well before needed. Closing temples sooner – actually still going on for the majority. Prophetic would have been announcing an earthquake in SLC Yesterday. Everything the current prophet is doing is REACTIVE.

          1. I’m interested in your comments Ricardo. Do you have a reference as to what conference talk Oaks gave wrt “laughing joke”. It would simply save me some time. Any other references you have re Oaks “never seen christ” etc would be handy.
            I’m almost interested as to how they are planning such a wonderful April conference. If you’re not in Utah they have paid for advertisements on Fox News to promote the April general conference. Amazing when you consider the money spent could go to helping Covid-19 people.

          2. Ricardo Montobon…your use of the word REACTIVE is beyond brilliant…it actually sums up the kernel of the Mormon Church since its inception….the REACTIVE CHURCH not the restored church!!!

          3. Anon,
            Here you go – that would be where Oaks is asked about seeing christ. He states he has never had an alma the younger experience nor has the first presidency or Q12.

            Here in last GenCon his talk Trust in the Lord
            There he tells two stories – Listen to the audio and you will here the laugh line that pokes at a womans real anxiety question. Sub point in the second story there is an indirect demeaning to the woman as the second story gives greater respect to the vallued associate – in that the second story is “shared with permission.”

        2. Sorry B but avid belief based on feelings about the unknowable takes multiple forms, arrives at wildly different destinations and constitutes one of the most common human foibles known to mankind. The passions that drove Muhammad to create the Koran are the very same passions that led Hitler to his infamy. The ardent affections that pushed Bin Laden to his righteous destiny was produced by the very same chemistry that leaves some folks with an ardent belief in Lamanites. Strong belief based on feelings might be useful or unbelievably destructive but it is an incredibly unreliable way of discerning where lies the truth. Getting at that elusive destination requires an admition of our own ignorance as a primary building block. Pretentious claims concerning the minds of the gods are the realms of cowards and/or charlatans.

          1. CL_RAND wild allusions to well-known people do not qualify you to make assumptions that are acceptable. You need to substantiate your remarks with at least some research.

    2. You know what’s sad? The founder of the Mormon Church using his position of influence to coerce young girls and his friends’ wives into illicit “marriages” under the pretext that if they don’t do it, an angel with a sword would kill him (even though Agency is so important, a Heavenly War was fought over it).

      You know, as long as we’re talking about things that are “sad.”

      1. I love God. I love my fellow human beings as much as I possibly can, though it can be a tough job at times. I think that in the midst of all the difficulties that are likely to arise in the process of setting up a church in the world, that disseminates teachings based upon that essential principle of love, at any time, that fundamental message can get lost, which is a shame, because it is the only perfect message to help mankind find happiness on earth and if you believe in an, afterlife, there too aswell.

        In the scriptures it states that Jesus Christ was reported to have said, that all the law and the prophets are contained within the first 2 Commandments of love. Please forgive me for any innaccuracies in this statement.

        I personally believe that Joseph Smith, although he had faults like all men, was a man of love and received revelation accordingly. It was related in his ‘first vision’ if I read it correctly, that he would be considered a man of good and evil by mankind.

        Look at J.C. The first miracle he did and he drowned a herd of pigs abd ruined the livelihoods of the herdsmen. Difficult being a prophet I suppose.

        So to finalise my interjection here, I believe in love as a source of life and a means to find happiness both within the world and in the afterlife which I believe in too, and I believe prophets are sent to humanity to help them understand this, but often, their activities and the form of their church and religious doctrine and teaching may often veil that essential message of love a little for a few of us.

        I leave with a couple of casual sayings that help me often:
        seek and ye shall find
        if you seek knowledge then ask of God
        knowledge is encumbent upon every believer
        love one another as I have loved you
        a person of wisdom will never allow themself to be tied to any one particular form or specific belief, because they are wise unto their self. (please excuse any grammar innaccuracy again. thank you.)

    3. The “restored’ gospel has killed more people than this site could ever hope to do. Due to the internet,people are finally able to research facts about the church, about Joe Smith, Brigham Young, Joseph F Young and other church leaders. What people are finding out is that the church has led to them. The church demands it’s members to serve the church more than it does t serve God. For example, the church demand that every member pay 10% of their income in tithing to the church. Tithing money to homeless shelters, hospitals, soup kitchens, cancer research, military groups etc, does not count as tithing. According to the church, tithing only counts, in the eyes of God, when tithe to the church. That’s not saying a member can not tithe to another organization, but they have to tithe to the church first. The Mormon church tells people to pay their tithe before paying rent, buying food or medicine. Church doesn’t want the public to know these things, but every member knows it is true.

  2. Do they not realize that this is voluntary service
    If your concerned make arrangement for your children to come home
    They cannot stop you!
    I had a missionary in my zone decide he was going home, bought a ticket and was going to leave. S as ok I could do was ask him to reconsider.
    Do what’s best for your family

  3. The biggest reason any religion is floundering and unable to come up with any rational discourse about C-Virus is there is no viable comments from above, only one way imaginary communication and a long lost and crucified demigod who is now only 2000+ years overdue.

  4. I’m surprised that a Church as PR sensitive as this is taking such a risk. Have they not heard of what happened in South Korea. Thanks, John, for spreading the word.

    Being Called a Cult Is One Thing, Being Blamed for an Epidemic Is Quite Another
    How one mysterious church became a lightning rod for South Koreans’ anger over the coronavirus outbreak.
    SEOUL, South Korea — The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in South Korea neared 7,400 on Monday morning. As many of them have been traced back to the mysterious Shincheonji Church of Jesus, the organization has become a lightning rod for the public’s wrath and a ready outlet for longstanding prejudice.

    SNIPS from NYTimes:
    The mayor of Seoul, Park Won-soon, who called on prosecutors to press charges against Shincheonji’s leadership, for “murder through willful negligence.”

  5. Well where I live all senior missionaries and any young missionaries with health problems were sent home as soon as the situation began to get serious. Other young missionaries are still here but currently confined to appartments.

  6. One day after the Prophet, Russell M Nelson, announced the suspension of all Mormon gatherings in church buildings, members and invited non-members alike packed into our chapel for a 50th birthday celebration on the night of Friday the 13th, 2020!
    To make things worse a 2 hour power failure from 7:30pm complicated the celebrations as attendees poured out of the building into the car park and footpaths outside the chapel.
    I was shocked at the blatant disregard of the Prophetic announcement.
    Perhaps the outback of Western Australia has special status and enjoyed special protection from the virus?

  7. Just a short comment. At what point does a church use plain old common sense? It is not about just religion and faith…faith is many different things to many different people…that said, it is people who are dying. If there is to be divine interference….then let it be wise even if there is a small grain of disobedience. Be wise.

  8. Imagine the role that churches could play in helping during this Coronavirus episode. Put those tax free dollars to work and open your buildings as secondary care centers. House the homeless in your chapels, host drive by testing sites, open your kitchens and feed the hungry. Practice what you preach every week.

    1. The best comment and suggestion. I was thinking the same thing today, how all these empty chapels could be used for the sick, and just put the worship services on hold indefinitely until the crisis has past. Mormon Stories could investigate the possibility of such solution and discuss it….maybe the men at the top will listen and move to make it happen. If the military can lend their ships for hospitals, the churches could lend some of the buildings for care centers.

      1. The Church self-insures it’s chapels, so they won’t risk any additional expenses such as what you’ve suggested, however good and benevolent it would be. In our litigious society, someone is sure to sue the Church for any number of reasons because it has money. Making the chapels a Petri dish of infectious disease is a disaster in the making.

        But they could surely use that $100 BILLION dollar slush fund to do some real good in the world, especially in this crisis, instead of wealth-seeking and “building up the Church to get gain”.

        1. Yes, you are correct in your interpretation of the liability concerns, as well as the “Petri Dish” analogy,…reminded me of when my wife and I worked a year in the Nursery with all the little kids and their colds and coughs, and having kids come home with new germs to share with the whole family.

          Take care.

  9. Folks

    Please contact our Utah senators and house representatives and ask them for answers about why pressure isn’t being put on the lds church to bring our kids home from international missions … they need to get back to the USA.

    They are grossly negligent in the information they are not providing and in the lack of actions around their response.

    They take our kids … and they are leaving them in harms way.

    Borders are closing internationally every day — the us state department today issued a travel warning to all Americans abroad to get home immediately.

    Totally irresponsible. Why is the church not acting … why are they not giving us information… too many whys in all of this.

    Google mitt Romney, Ben mcadams and all the rest … send them a message today demanding action.

  10. Parents do have a choice to bring the missionaries home.
    I was in the MTC during a winter flu season. Nearly everyone got sick.
    The air circulating there brings the viruses from one room to the other.
    This place is a virus cesspool. No one should be confined there during this time.

  11. I can’t believe the comments from those who are members of the CHURCH and your complaining about the Prophet and his Counselors on how they were handling things with the Missionaries. The attitude and complaining you have done just proved that YOU DO NOT BELIEVE, or, HAVE A TESTIMONY that President Nelson is a Prophet of God. ALSO, You Do Not Believe, nor Have a Testimony that President Nelson recieves revelations from our Lord, and Savior, Jesus Christ. You Also DO NOT HAVE Faith in the Prophet, And Also, You Do Not Faith in our Lord, and Savior, Jesus Christ. Maybe you should find a different religion since You Do Not Believe that President Russel M Nelson is being directed by the Savior.

    1. He is not being directed by Jesus Christ. Please refer to The Second Anointing…Jesus Christ is of no consequence or of any standing in this organization. Nelson is a godling in the making according to the Corporation of which he is the president certainly not a prophet.

      1. If this is a debate about who Is a Christian and who isn’t, we’re don’t need it. When we’re start calling each other names we lower ourselves when we’re need to stand together. If this is your goal you should enter politics.

  12. This is obviously belongs to the whole lot of news fakery that is happening. I am from the Philippines and although the speed of the virus was faster than everybody else’s reaction, we implemented all directives from the Chruch with discernment on each of our particular conditions. We are in a lockdown and everybody has complied. All foreign missionaries were sent home and no proselyting outside is ongoing. Sacrament meetings are done in the home. Hope you can offer a little bit more light in a darkening world.

    1. Not fake just because you’re not effected. There is a mormon housing next door to where I live. They’re still riding out almost everyday. This is in California. If you know any contact info to help me stop them, please let me know.

  13. Your article makes Mormon missionaries sound like Kirby vacuum door to door salesman. Your ignorance of the Mormon church is obvious by you’re misuse of Mormon terminology. Next time you wish to post an op-ed make sure that you know your facts first.

    1. Post

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