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  1. John,

    When discussing the “is or is not Mormonism a cult”, all one need do is remember not only does Mormonism tick off all, or nearly all, cult criteria, but unlike other high demand religions, Mormonism comes with secret, super weird, cult ceremonies and chants.

    Very definitely a cult.

  2. John,
    Do you ever think that there will be a day when you will interview someone who has had a near death experience (NDE’s). I have always wondered why you haven’t had someone on who could tell they’re experience or even a couple of guests at the same time telling they’re story.
    Jeff Olsen who is on several interviews on YouTube and has written a few books about his experience would be incredible. I think still resides in Utah and I think he is still a Mormon as far as I know……I think that would be an awesome interview….I hope you will at least consider such a interview……Thanks

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