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  1. Enjoyed listening to this…
    I think the book she mentioned by Ogden Kraut, “Jesus was Married” was the one I read years and years ago at BYU (1981, 1982?). Since I read the book I’ve always believed in the possibility that he was married. The book made some very good points. I wonder if it’s still available??

  2. I am seeking to correspond with others who would share their knowledge and experience regarding biblical polygyny ( one husband, one or more female spouses ). I am not a member of any religious fellowship or organisation. I am what could be best described as an: ‘Independant-Adamic Aryan Identity Hebraic-Principal-Puritan-Sovereigntist Fundamentalist’. I believe all women who claim to “follow CHRIST” ought to understand the value of ‘head-covering’ however I believe the responsibility for such inspiration is upon the men closest to her in her life, men who are primarily responsible for; helping her become virtuous, protect her from harm due to the world’s hate of such practices, and rewarding her because of her faith and dedication.

    It is a blessing for a husband to have a modest and ‘natural’ wife…a double blessing indeed if she seek righteousness, even more so if all her practices and observances are to lift-up her husband, and likewise her HEAVENLY FATHER.

    Of this general concept I hope to grow in a practical understanding of from both polygyny and monogamous Christian marriage relationships and households.


    Text / call: 16043732961

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