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  1. Something amazing about hearing the translation of jargon to JW speak. Also amazing to hear him say so many nearly exact things of mormonism. And the phrase I think Thomas McKonkie said – examine the organization by how they treat those that leave. Blew me away. Amazing to see my own religion through the eyes of another ex fundamental high demand organization.
    Whats next – John “bambino” Dehlin ?

  2. This couple is AMAZING. So engaging, funny; insightful…I relate so much and had no idea Mormonism and JW were soooo similar! Blown away and can’t wait for the next one. Mad respect to JT and Lady Cee!

  3. One of the strangest things I learned from this podcast about Jehovah’s Witnesses is that they actually use the term “overseer” in their religion. How in the world can Black members accept this term? I would think that it has way too many negative connotations to tolerate but, no? I won’t even go into the use of “slave”. How very bizarre.

  4. I’ve been following ex-JW voices off and on for years because I find it helpful to contrast that experience with my own in Mormonism. I was happy to see this interview pop up, and I just finished listening to the second part. I’d anticipated that this would be informative, and it was, but it was also surprisingly fun.

    Side note, but one of the more interesting things I’ve come across in this area is a couple of rap albums by a group called Reasoning Witchpower. All of their songs are about what it’s like to grow up JW. The albums are free and I recommend them.

  5. Worlds collide! I love it when I see my favorite YouTubers come together. JT and Lady Cee are the best. JT is a wonderful storyteller, while cutting straight to the heart of any issue, and Lady Cee’s interviews (especially with exJW women) are SO powerful.

  6. Loved this interview. JT has an awesome way of making it funny as well as cutting to the heart of the issues. LOVE listening to other experiences of high control groups. Thank you!

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