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  1. I had to stop listening. I really tried but the cadence was too jolting. The, “Who is this,” “What did He/She/They do” was so loud and read with a cadence of explosive culmination repeatedly for at least ten minutes. it was just too much. I am sure the content was great, but I had to rip out the headphones and could not finish. Sorry,.

  2. I enjoyed this presentation. I was very interested in learning about amazing individuals and organizations and what they contribute. I thought it was uplifting. I felt gratitude.

  3. I would agree that organized religion meets some very basic human needs and that is why it exists.

    John mentions the scripture in Luke 17: 20-22 KJV, “The Kingdom of God is within you.” John said, “I’m OK pointing at any Guru who points you back into yourself. All great Gurus do this.” I appreciate that remark.

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