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  1. One distinction without a difference: Connecting electrodes to the “groin” may not be quite the same as connecting to the genitals.

  2. I am a nevermo who has a good friend who is a third generation Mormon. I listen to gain some understanding of how a wonderful, loving, joyous, and intelligent spirit can hold the beliefs of the LDS church. Thank you for what you do.

  3. I’m trying to stop commenting on these podcasts, but I can’t help but say something regarding the Oaks comment about not being recorded due to being taken out of context.

    This is yet another perfect example of how the church projects it’s own behaviors onto it’s critics. For instance, I only realized years after spending a mission bible bashing against Christians that I was the one taking bible scriptures out of context in order to make them prop up Mormon doctrine.

    The whole “taken out of context” thing is a favorite crutch for Mormonism and Mormon apologetics.

    The reality is that critics are more than happy to have the entirety of a talk, article, essay, or discussion made available so there can be no confusion as to what actually happened or what was actually said.

    Yet you often have the church with it’s usual “he was taken out of context” defense, even when the simplest investigation would prove otherwise. Such as when Hinkley was asked about whether the church still teaches that people can become Gods. The church would later claim “he was taken out of context”, yet there was no other context than that brief, to the point question and his brief answer!!

  4. Hey John !!
    another fantastic podcast . such important information. glad you took all the time you did . four hours +2 hours and I never got bored

    just One suggestion —when you have a video that’s difficult to understand for your audience please read the transcript instead. it was very difficult to make out those videos.

    Also I like your podcast better without your female cohost…. it just flows better with you And your guests in my opinion ☺️

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