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  1. There is a huge irony that Oaks would go to the University of Virginia law school to argue that there should not be a wall of separation between church and state but rather a curtain between church and state. The U of V was founded by Thomas Jefferson who first coined the phrase wall of separation to describe the relationship between church and state enshrined in our Constitution.

    When I was a law student at BYU (YBU), the university was promoting the saying that BYU was the “Harvard of the west.” After studying the Supreme Court’s opinion in the Bob Jones University, several of my friends and I referred to BYU as the “Bob Jones University of the west.”

    One other note, Oaks was a law clerk to Chief Justice Earl Warren around the time that the Supreme Court addressed the constitutionality of prayer in public schools. Oaks was also a prominent law professor at the University of Chicago Law School.

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  2. Oak’s speech is appalling on so many levels. He presumes to direct both sides in how to behave, as if that is his decision to make. He charges both sides to act in good faith, despite the fact that he has absolutely no intention of doing so – that’s a tactic to handcuff his opposition. He doesn’t want to be called a bigot, yet he never considers looking inward and correcting the behavior that makes that label so descriptive of him.

    Oaks has shown everyone exactly what his motivations are, in the leaked videos during the training sessions provided by Gerritt Gong. When discussing the subject of homosexuality, he says that they (the church) must “manage the message”. That is what he is about – control. He cannot be negotiated with, he has not had any sort of moment of enlightenment on the topic. It’s all a fake. I hope that the people who wish to find common ground with him and the church learned their lesson in 2015, after Tom Perry used Equality Utah’s leadership as a photo op, then proceeded to stab them in the back a month later in Conference. Never trust them.

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