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  1. This is so powerful! I feel understood and not so freaking alone!
    It’s frustrating to feel constrained and conflicted wanting to both more openly shine a light for others in my community who suffer in faith crisis, while not causing hurt or offend the believers that I love…
    I’m going to step it up in Omaha Ne!!

  2. Near the end when Nick mentions getting a new job and being asked about schooling – looking for a way to say “not one of those BYUie type.” Reminds me of the “if you were accused of being mormon – would there be enough evidence to convict you?” I hope not

  3. The links to the church’s Instagram and website featuring Chelsea’s post and article are both broken. I wonder if they’re trying to scrub her posts now that her own faith has shifted. I’m assuming they were working when this interview first went live.

    1. I have not been able to find the article on the LDS.org website. I found the teaser on LDSLIVING but the whole story is not complete and the link is broken. I would love to read this and share this with some loved ones. Can you please share a link somewhere that contains the whole article, “Who do I choose – God or my husband?” Thank you very much for your inspiring story.

  4. Great interview! I forget just how often I’ve had the luxury of forgetting I grew up Mormon but happy I stumbled on this for a refresher a few days before my son gets baptized to help me process feelings leading up to attending.
    Maybe if I can overcome social work burnout can explore setting up a men’s group that doesn’t necessarily highlight Mormonism or faith transitions but as a place to gather and meet folks. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thanks John, for the shout out to me and my ThinkAgain-FaithAgain.life group. Great interview. I appreciate how you would tease out more detail from both in many of their answers. I remember Chelsea and Nick coming several times to our Faith Again group. Very thoughtful and good-hearted couple. And they’ve continued to be so. Thanks to you both for being willing to share. I’m delighted that Chelsea has brought women together to strengthen and support each other. That’s a beautiful thing. And I love that Nick has joined the ranks of non-meat eaters and also become an environmentalist. Both are passions of mine.

    Best to you all and all those on this crazy ride called life.

    jay griffith

  6. I wanna to say THANK YOU FOR YOUR FEELING AND SHARING! My wife left about two years ago and I left church a year ago we were struggles marriages and I had very bad experience and damaged my life.. Thank You John!

  7. I thankfully avoided all that stress. After being lds for my first 20 years I married a non lds Christian woman and joined her church. My immediate family were not church goers. The worst I got was some condescending looks. I have been a big fan of the tanners. Going on 80 and still loving life.

  8. I loved this interview. Thank you both (and John) for the vulnerability. Their stories – both collectively and independently – have so many relatable elements to my wife and I (our timeline was a couple years prior, but close). Thanks for being brave. Nick for having the courage of taking those first big steps and Chelsea for having the courage to take your story so public (social, podcasts, etc.). Stories like these slowly change the perception of the departed. We are still nice people: ) !

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