April 2007 LDS General Conference Statistics: No Unhallowed Hand Shall Stop the Work from Progressing

John Dehlin Mormon

LDS Church stats for 2006 are out, and the story to me is: growth is strong.

  • 44 new stakes
  • 3 new missions
  • 388 new wards and branches
  • 307,737 more members
  • An increase in 29,737 more convert baptisms than in the previous year
  • 1,104 more missionaries than we had last year
  • 5.1 baptisms per full time missionary — an increase over 4.7 from the previous 2 years.
  • A few other stats listed below.
  • Raw stats can be found here.

Finally, I do wish that they would publish activity rates. I also wish that the church would allow external auditors to publish public financial reports. But that’s just me.

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