Mormonism and Logical Fallacies – w/ John Larsen | Ep. 1562


Join us for Part 1 of a multi-part series where John Larsen discusses Mormonism and logical fallacies. We talk about how fallacious arguments are natural to the human brain and how people in and outside of the Mormon church use bad reasons to keep their line of thinking alive. 

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  1. Kara, John and John. You’re all beautiful. No need for my proctologist as I’m referencing each of your inner-beauties. Your sweet spirits, if you will.

  2. Great episode! John Larson talked about curses that were imposed on wrong doers. A long time ago I heard a story about Brigham Young put a curse on a man with the last name of Walker. He owned the original Tudor style mansion on Walker lane. In SLC. The member would not pay tithing therefore Brigham Young cursed him. I was curious if Brigham Young passed out a lot of curses? Just randomness. Janie

  3. Always great to hear John Larsen! Keep him coming. Also, Cara’s intro was right on putting shamers in their place. Loved the proctologist line.

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