History and Faith: Reflections of a Mormon Historian by Richard D. Poll

John Dehlin Mormon

I often mention Lowell Bennion, T. Edgar Lyon, Eugene England, Leonard Arrington and now Richard Bushman as personal heroes with regard to how they were/are able to deal with Mormon history directly and candidly, but still retain a faith, and even a commitment to the LDS Church. Unfortunately, I too often omit Richard D. Poll.

Richard Poll wrote one of the most important essays ever written for thinking Mormons: What the church means to people like me. In this essay he first explores the “Liahona vs. Iron Rod” metaphor for approaches to LDS faith.

Well, I’m very pleased to announce that Signature Books, via Tom Kimball, has made the full text of a book by Richard Poll available online, entitled, “History and Faith: Reflections of a Mormon Historian”. Richard Poll was definitely an amazing and faithful Mormon historian, and I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

Thanks Tom.