Dr. Ted Lyon Pt. 1: A Believing Mormon Intellectual, and Change in the LDS Church

John Dehlin Mormon 9 Comments

Dr. Ted Lyon has served as a BYU Professor, Mission President, MTC President, and is currently serving as the temple president of the Santiago, Chile temple. He is both a believing Mormon, and an intellectual. He is also the son of T. Edgar Lyon — one of the pioneers of Mormon intellectualism in the 20th century.

In part 1 of this 3 part series, he discusses changes in the LDS church during his lifetime.

Comments 9

  1. thanks for these john. good stuff.

    you are not going to believe this john, but there are some things in there i really liked hearing, and others that made me cringe. surprised?

  2. John, an mp3 version of this one would be nice. Why don’t you have one for this like you do the rest of this stuff that you’ve put up on the site lately?

  3. What a wonderful way to spend 20 minutes! Especially interesting were the stories told by President Lyon. My sweetie and I are now full-time missionaries in Coquimbo, Chile. One of the things we have learned here is that everyone has a conversion story–and personal stories are always meaningful.

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