Secrets of a Mormon Historian: Michael Quinn’s “Chosen Path | MSP Book Club | Ep. 1866

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Rebecca and John are joined once again by Barbara Jones Brown and special guest, Moshe Quinn. Join us for the unveiling of a hidden legacy as Moshe Quinn shares his father’s untold memoir with the world. We’ll unravel the layers of D. Michael Quinn’s remarkable journey — a path marked by secrecy, conviction, and unwavering faith. Delve into the complexities of identity, family dynamics, and the pursuit of truth as we navigate through the pages of a life story that defies conventions and embraces honesty.

Chosen Path: A Memoir: Quinn, D. Michael, Quinn, Moshe |

Co-host: Rebecca Bibliotheca

Show Notes:

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  1. Quanah D. Parkker

    This podcast was somewhat interesting. I found it ironic that John and the other’s on the podcast are all about the ERA, EXCEPT, if the ERA was past today women would be eligible for the draft. It is funny, everyone is about being a “feminist” until it is time to fight in a war, and all of the feminists suddenly become traditionalist. I’m not a fan of the Mormon leaders, but they, on the whole got the ERA correct.

    John, I wonder sometimes, do you actually know the difference between equality and equity?

    1. As a woman, I am always baffled by this assumption that women shouldn’t join the military. I see no problem with women being in the army vs men.

      Coming from a military family, I will say I feel disgusted that our poorest citizens are taken advantage of the most in military recruitment, and that many lives are being lost and damaged not to fight wars for people and freedom but rather the interests of the wealthy and powerful (often under the guise of a noble cause.) Furthermore, they are not nearly taken care of to the extent they deserve once they come home. Their mental and physical health often suffers, and veterans make up a huge portion of our nations homeless.

      Bring on the ERA!

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