Why do you believe that you are being considered for disciplinary action?

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 I believe that I am being considered for disciplinary action because of: 1) the popularity of Mormon Stories podcast, 2) my support for LGBT rights within Mormonism, and for the legalization of same-sex marriage, 3) my support for Ordain Women, and 4) I believe that both local and high-level church leaders are blaming Mormon Stories for the fact that some people inevitably leave the church.

Unfortunately, I believe that these well-intended leaders are ignoring the facts that: 1) thousands of people have affirmed that Mormon Stories and its associated projects have helped them to STAY in the church, and 2) it is most often the LDS Church’s historical record, its human and civil rights record, its leadership, and its culture that are the most common causes of disaffection.  For more information on why people leave the church, see here and here and here.  Ultimately, I fear that in my case, the LDS Church is shooting the messenger, instead of dealing constructively with the problematic messages.