Why did you start Mormon Stories podcast?

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During our time in Washington I was unable to find satisfactory answers to any of these issues from the church, local church leaders/members, or from family/friends.  It was a very dark and lonely time for me.  Eventually I noticed many other Mormons suffering in silence over these issues – in some cases leading to serious depression, addictions, marital distress, and even suicidality.  Ultimately I decided to leave my job at Microsoft, and to look for a way to help.  I honestly wanted to be a part of the solution — out of a sincere love for the Mormon people.

In 2005 I started Mormon Stories Podcast as a way to model open, honest discussion of difficult Mormon issues, and to provide a place for struggling Mormons to work through these concerns.  Although my early intention was also to help struggling Mormons remain active members of the church, I decided from the beginning that it would be important to interview people from all sides of the faith spectrum — apologists, believers, doubters, and even former Mormons.