Why Am I Now Pink?

John Dehlin Mormon

Why is Mormon Stories pink all of the sudden?

As promised, I have committed to dedicate the next 5 episodes of Mormon Stories Podcast to LDS Women’s issues.

However, I need your help. I cannot do this alone.  Specifically:

  • What stuff should I read before conducting the interviews?
  • Should I team up with a woman to conduct the interviews? Better yet, should I ask a woman (or women) to conduct the interviews without my participation? If so, who?
  • What should the 5+ episodes entail?
  • Who should I interview for each episode?
  • What should be covered in each episode?

Please don’t answer any of these questions here. I will create a blog post dedicated to each of these questions. In the mean time, I have created a wiki page for collaboration on these topics. Please check it out here, and feel free to help me enhance/augment. You can do so by registering, or anonymously.

I very much look forward to working with you all to knock this series out of the park. This may be the most important thing I do with Mormon Stories.