When Religion Becomes Evil

John Dehlin Mormon, Mormon Stories

Anybody heard of this book?

A friend lent it to me today and told me to read it. No connection to Mormonism at all.

On the back I found the following “Five Warning Signs of Corruption in Religion.” They are:

  1. Absolute Truth Claims
  2. Blind Obedience
  3. Establishing the “Ideal” Time (no idea what they mean here)
  4. The End Justifies Any Means
  5. Declaring Holy War

Let me be clear….I’m not accusing our faith/church as being evil, or as being more “guilty” on these 5 counts than any other religion today is. Still…I thought it was interesting, and worth noting….if for nothing other than to always help keep things in check.

Anyone read the book and have thoughts/comments?