What is your status now with the Church?

John Dehlin Mormon

I am a semi-active, somewhat Universalistic member of the LDS church.  This means that I attend church at least once a month (sometimes more), but that I do not view the LDS church as the “one and only true church.”  I do believe in God (though I don’t quite know what that means), and I believe that while God’s inspiration can often be found within the LDS church, I also see God’s inspiration in most churches, in nature, and wherever love and goodness abound (including amongst scientists, atheists, etc.).

There are a million things that I love about the church and its members (community, hymns, structure, standards, etc.), and some things that deeply trouble me (e.g. the church’s exclusive truth claims and historical hostility to “gays, feminists and intellectuals“).  I believe in the central teachings of Jesus (love your neighbor and your enemies, forgive people, judge not, have faith, repent (or turn away) from mistakes, etc.), but I have no idea how much of “the gospel” is true/literal, and how much of it is symbolic/metaphorical.

I am a myth-loving (Joseph Campbell), stage-5 aspiring (James Fowler) religionist.  And my goal in life is to help struggling Mormons find peace during tough transitions.

Finally — you should know that my bishop and stake president know all of the above about me, have reviewed what I do with Mormon Stories, and continue to encourage me to remain active, and to feel welcome at church.