View from the Foyer Shutting Down

Holy crud!

View from the Foyer is shutting down.

Just had to blog about this one. Still on vacation.


  1. Why? I find it unfortunate, as View from the Foyer had a unusual viewpoint for those on or over the fringes of the faith. There isn’t a comparable place like it on the Net.

    Can we at least get a “read only” version?

  2. Stephen,

    Oh, there’s context galore! It’s one of the wackiest things I’ve every seen happen on an online message board. Basically, the guy who formally “owned” the Foyer got angry over a particular semi-political thread, got in a snit with some posters, and pulled the plug on the whole board. Totally unexpected. Totally shocking. Love it or hate it, the Foyer was a very active, well-established community with a long history and more than ??500?? members. And just like that, poof, it’s all gone.

    One fast-thinking Foyer member with technical chops created a “new Foyer” and managed to archive some old Foyer posts. You can read all about it on the new Foyer at

  3. I agree with Cody. There is a time and place for venting, but the ubiquity and anonymity of the Foyer allows people to make hurtful comments to a wide audience without taking responsibility for them. The irony is that they are being dishonest–the very reason they are so upset at the church.

  4. Laura:

    The ubiquity of the Foyer? I never knew the Foyer could be everywhere at the same time, and I’ve been an active participant for years. As far as the anonymity, the Foyer requires you to register to post–we have far fewer drive-by posts and flame wars than just about any board out there.

    I assume by anonymity you mean we use screen-names. On that count we are guilty as charged, but I fail to see how that is dishonest. If that were the case, just about every poster on the FAIR message board could be accused of dishonesty. For that matter, I could accuse you of dishonesty as you are only using your first name, not your last. Laura is almost as anonymous a handle as Capt Jack.

    As far as perpetuating anger, the Foyer doesn’t perpetuate as much as it reflects hard feelings. Nothing perpetuates anger among former Mormons, particularly those of us who are still married to believers, than the arrival of the Ensign.

    I think it strange that anyone should celebrate the Foyer’s neardemise–I for one love the fact that the internet has all kinds of different voices and opinions on Mormonism, from Nauvoo to the FAIR MB to the bloggernacle to the Foyer. I’d be sad if any of them were to disappear.

  5. You go Capt Jack. One thing that really turned me off to the Foyer was that there were so many self-ordained word police. In fact, the Foyer is just about everywhere. You can access it anywhere there’s an internet connection. I think that was what Laura meant. The arrival of the Ensign makes you angry? Is this what i’m to understand? If it is then unsubscribe. Oh, and no one said anything about FAIR being honest or dishonest. I find FAIR equally repulsive as The Foyer.

  6. Capt Jack,

    If you wanna know my last name is Frisby. Can I be privilaged to get such info from yourself?

  7. Cody,

    I am not sure what you find repulsive about the Foyer, though I can certainly understand how you might not agree with everything said on that site–there is a wide variety of opinions and personalities there. We are reviewing policies and procedures at the newly reborn Foyer and hope that personal disputes can be handled privately int he future without being played out on the board. If you have suggestions for improvements, feel free to stop by or drop me a line.

    We invite all to come unto the Foyer and bring whatever truth you possess, and add to what we have so we can all be edified together, and all that.

    Peace out.

  8. Cody:

    When one of the main points attacking the Foyer was its “ubiquity”, I had to say something. Ordinarily I don’t play word policeman, and given a second chance would probably cut that out of my original post.

    My wife and believing children subscribe to the Ensign and contrary to the comic book stereotype of a former Mormon, I don’t–and can’t–forbid them from reading it or anything else related to Mormonism if they so choose.

    Again, my bigger point was the Foyer doesn’t creat hatred or anger in anyone. Those who come there already have that, and the source is usually found in their daily lives and their interaction with the LDS church. If the Foyer were to magically disappear, it wouldn’t reduce their feelings one bit.

    Regarding anonymity, Laura insinuated that anonymous=dishonest. I disagreed with that, and was merely making the point that if that the Foyer was dishonest for that reason, so are the majority of sites for believers.

    Laura, there is no need to broadcast your name, as I don’t think your views expressed on the net are any less valid or honest because you don’t fully identify yourself; that was your position, and I was merely trying to show the weakness of your argument.

    In fact, given the strong feelings religion tends to elicit I would advise you not to broadcast your name. I don’t use my name for the simple reason that I have a common name, one shared by more than one of my believing relatives. I don’t want them called into a bishop’s office to explain my internet postings.

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