Upcoming PBS Frontline Documentary on LDS Church May not Be As Negative as Anticipated

John Dehlin Mormon Stories

Tal BackmanAs many of you know, for the past few years documentarian Helen Whitney (Emmy Award, Peabody Award, Oscar nomination, the Humanitas Award, and the prestigious duPont-Columbia Journalism Award) has been working on a documentary for PBS Frontline on the LDS Church/Mormonism. I first met Helen at last year’s Sunstone Salt Lake symposium, where I saw her interviewing Grant Palmer for the documentary, among many other “Sunstoneites.”

Well, for the past year, the perception on anti-Mormon boards (and even FAIR) has been that the upcoming documentary was going to be a “hatchet job” on Mormonism.

Today, while listening to a recent interview w/ musician and anti-Mormon Tal Bachman (around time code 37:50), Tal revealed that he has the opposite impression about the documentary–that Helen Whitney is actually very, very pro-LDS church. This is based on his own dinner w/ Ms. Whitney, and his participation in the documentary process.

Anyway, this segment of the interview is interesting, for those interested. It definitely was a surprise to me.

Personally, I hope the documentary is fair, and respectful–and honest. Though I must admit (form personal experience) that this is a hard balance to strike. 🙂