The “Mormon Theology in 6 Minutes” Video, Digg.Com, and the Web 2.0

John Dehlin Mormon, Mormon Stories

Because of my interest in Mormon Studies, a work colleague today pointed me to, one of the top news sites for the technology industry. The link he pointed me to was this article, where digg readers had highlighted a new anti-Mormon video as interesting or important. Currently, it ranks #1 in the Educational Video section of Digg. So far it’s been watched 5,300 times.

  • Is there anything in this video that you were not taught growing up in the church? For me, pretty much everything I heard in the video (except for Christ marrying 3 women while on earth) is something I was definitely taught growing up, or at least heard as quoted by a General Authority.
  • Is there any piece of history or doctrine in this video that anyone feels safe in claiming that “it wasn’t taught by at least one general authority in the history of the church?”
  • What percentage of what’s in this video would you consider to be accurate regarding LDS doctrine and history?
  • If a close friend or even a child were to see this video, and then ask you to explain how it reconciles w/ LDS theology, what would be the honest/ethical way to respond?
  • To me, this represents the many tough issues that church leaders have to now deal with on the Internet, including:
  • How do you teach church members to follow the teachings of the bretheren today, but ignore what they taught yesterday?
  • If you are the bretheren, how would you handle this? How do you “manage” the Internet?
  • Don’t you agree that new Web 2.0 services like,, and google videos are going to affect the church like we’ve never seen before?
  • For those of you who have seen the Scientology video from Southpark, do you feel like the LDS church looks more, or less strange to the uninformed observer than the Scientologists do?

I look forward to your comments. I love the church, but tend to see this phenomenon for what it is–a real pickle. I don’t stuff think this will do any cataclismic damage to the church, but it might b