The Golden Compass, The Holy Bible, the Book of Mormon, etc.

John Dehlin Mormon

This is a somewhat fun comparison between The Golden Compass and the Holy Bible, which, at a minimum, tries to put into perspective the anti-Golden Compass rhetoric out there ( which is even going around Mormon / LDS wards and email lists). I imagine that you could do a similar thing with the Book of Mormon — if you really wanted to (Laban anyone?).

Perhaps the idea is…THIS IS FICTION!!! Enjoy it!!! (The Golden Compass, I mean)

FWIW, my wife was 2/3 of the way through the book without even considering any parallels to religion — until she was told about them by me/the SL Trib (and she’s not a dummy…I assure you).

In my mind, this makes the protests against the movie potentially quite counter-productive for religious folk.