Sustain’d (The 1st attempt at an LDS-themed is born!!!!

Holy moly!

A bloke named Connor Boyack decided to take me up on my blog post challenge to create an LDS-themed, and walla! Sustain’d is born!!!! So far, I’m really impressed.

To read more about it, click here. Also, if you want to be notified of advancements, fill out the form here.

Welcome to the show, Connor! A little advice….stay out of the middle of the vs. battle. It can get quite heated at times. ;)


  1. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of blog-censoring goes on in this one. Connor and I don’t get along too much (at least concerning LDS thought).

  2. And if the DAMU community shows a stronger presence than the bloggernacle? If that happens it will be interesting to see what decisions are made (or not made). I really hope this works, it could be great for the community.

    John Dehlin,
    I don’t think the battle is between MA & LDSelect (of course people will perceive it how they like). It has been between the ideologies of individuals and the MA and individuals and LDSelect. We’ve been quite clear that we’re not trying to do the same thing as LDSelect (or Sustained, though I’m sure in the future people will pit us against them as well).

  3. That last comment didn’t work right. Let me try again.

    I’m not going to censor anything. Post what you want. It’s up to the community to determine what stays and goes.

    Connor, elsewhere you say that “This will not be a site for people to post critical, “anti” garbage, or vent their frustrations with the church.” This is a rather subjective judgement. Will posts like this or this or this be allowed?

  4. I am no exception to this- each of us has a worldview, portions of which we protect from being challenged.

    narrator, you’d be fun to have in my ward after reading those posts. I would probably start sticking around for priesthood (I have an EQP who frowns upon pluralism and departures from his personal brand of orthodoxy, so I usually go home and watch Meet the Press while the wife goes to RS).

  5. Critical, yes, is subjective. I think you can offer constructive critique (which I find you not that good at), seeking to understand something or offer your sincere comments. The type of critical things not allowed are the blatantly false, axe-to-grind type of posts that are ridiculously false.

    Sure, all three of those posts would (in my mind) be allowed, but perhaps others will bury them, or not sustain them. I’m hoping I can let the community drive this. My idea is for it to be a faith-promoting place, letting people all sorts of pro-LDS posts, pages, talks, and other information.

  6. One would hope that links to any sites with blaring music or sounds wouldn’t get voted . . .

    That’s one of the worst faux pas for any blogger or website.

  7. One would hope that links to any sites with blaring music or sounds wouldn’t get voted . . .

    That’s one of the worst faux pas for any blogger or website.

    I take it that you are not a Tool fan. I’ve had music on my blog for the last three years, you’re the second to complain. Usually I have something a little softer going, but I threw some Tool on there in leiu of Tuesday’s amazing concert. I’m sorry for not following your particular brand of blogging etiquette.

  8. The worst is when you open up two or three of your pages at the same time (like I did when you linked the three posts above).. you get an echoing version of your song, like sitting around the campfire singing “Row, row, row your boat” in turn.

  9. narrator,

    I’m with Clark—I’m not a fan of being startled by music when I click to a blog or other website. So make that three to complain. (BTW, I was a Tool fan back in the day. I even saw Tool in concert in AZ back in ’93 or ’94, so you can’t blame it on the band/type of music).

    Complaints about the music aside, I enjoyed the post on that blog (“dropping a bomb in priesthood”).

  10. I like the idea of the online blogging community deciding what rises and what sinks. There are demands for all kind of blogs.

    The problem will be (i think) that most people will be judging these blogs on how much they agree with them instead on the quality of the writing. It’s like they need two scales. One from Bad to Good and one from TBM to Anit.

    That is not a serious suggestion. That would get ugly. I’m just saying.

    I have some dirt on this Connor kid though. He went to my highschool and my friend gave him rides from seminary to school in the morning. One time when my friend almost hit a car he let a string of curses and Connor told on him.

    Ha! Don’t you love the internet? Embarassing things you did in highschool come back to bite your ass.

    But the site looks great Connor. Be interested to see how it works.

  11. I love both Tool and Perfect Circle. I don’t link clicking through a link at work and having it blaring around the office. As I said, it’s a real faux pas to have music blare on a website without offering people the option to first turn it on.

  12. Whoops. “Don’t like clicking through a link…” As a general principle before playing music or videos you should always have a separate clicking step and some warning for visitors. And, while not really applicable for Mormon sites (I’d hope) have a warning that something isn’t safe for work if it has a picture that might be offensive. (Not just of women in various stages of undress, I’ve appreciated people warning about combat pictures for instance)

  13. Okay. I understand a little better. My other friend who complained said the same thing. The music started playing at her work place and gave her non-work-related surfing away. That’s why I added the delay and warning on the flash movie. I’ll see what I can do to make it a little more friendly for everyone. Taking off the music just feels akin to removing a limb from my little brother.

  14. I went to Poway High too Kirk (though I graduated in the late 80s…). Connor is from my home ward.

    John D. – There is no battle between and Frankly, I think the launch of DKL’s site was tremendously useful to us in the MA. Did you miss my recent post on that?

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  16. About the music on the site– I instantly hit the volumn button so no one else could hear it– but yes, it’s an annoyance, for more reason than just folks at work. I spend part of the year in a place with really slow internet access, and music on a site usually means I just give up on that site.

  17. Sorry that I have high-jacked this and turned this into a discussion of music on my site. I just realized that i had accidently removed the five-second delay on my flash player which enables readers to turn off the music before it begins.

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