SunstoneBlog and SunstonePodcast Now Live!

John Dehlin Mormon, Mormon Stories

I am super duper pleased to announce that Sunstone has officially launched its own blog and podcasts. 

In August, Mike Stevens (Board Chairman of the Sunstone Education Foundation) invited me to join the Sunstone board of directors.  As a member of the board, I volunteered to help Sunstone start its own blog and podcast(s)….and now we’ve arrived!

I will be producing (at least in the beginning) both the Sunstone Podcasts, as well as helping to coordinate the content on

What does this mean for Mormon Stories? Not much, really–other than better, and better content.  While I am super excited to help grow the Sunstone online community, I feel strongly that there will always be a need for an open forum for LDS folk to tell their stories….and I hope to help ensure that this forum remains open for business.  Tight connections with the Sunstone community will only enhance the pool to draw from (in my humble estimation).

To learn more about Sunstone’s plans, check out Dan Wotherspoon’s initial posting right here: 

Thanks for checking in, and please stay tuned!!!!!

John Dehlin