Stories about Child/Sexual Abuse in the LDS Church

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Today the LDS Church re-revon-keetch-first-quorum-seventy_largeleased a news release entitled “Effectiveness of Church Approach to Preventing Child Abuse.”  We say re-release because apparently this press release was issued previously (hat tip Emily W. Jensen).

In this news release the LDS Church claims to be the “gold standard” for dealing with child abuse.

Sources indicate that Elder Von G. Keetch (sustained in the 1st Quorum of the Q70 last year) is likely the primary author of this press release.  Linked here is an article penned by Von Keetch claiming that “The LDS Church has long had a highly effective approach for preventing and responding to abuse. In fact, no religious organization has done more. Although no one system is perfect and no single program will work with every organization, the LDS Church’s approach is the gold standard.”  (hat tip to Scott Holley).

To help gather more accurate information about this story, Mormon Stories we would like to invite readers/listeners to do four things:

  1. Please share links to any news media articles you can find on LDS child and/or sex abuse in the comments below.  We would like to keep a running list of them in this post.  A few have been included below for starters.
  2. Please share in the comments section below any experiences you have had with the LDS church’s handling of child and/or sex abuse.  You are free to share anonymously.  You do not need to use your real name and/or email address in your comments.
  3. Please email me at if you are willing/able to come on Mormon Stories podcast to discuss your experiences with abuse in the LDS church.  We are willing to interview you without using your real name if you would like.
  4. Please feel free to share below any concerns or disagreements you have with the LDS church’s recent news release.  We would like to include your analysis in our upcoming podcasts related to this story.

We look forward to collaborating with you on this very story.

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