For those of you ever-noodling about how to nurture and grow community on the Internet within Mormonism, here are some great blog posts/thoughts on the matter.

I’m always interested in thinking of new ways to move the community ball forward.  Any of this interesting to any of you in the Mormon Bloggernacle context?  With this article in particular, I’d be interested in learning where all of you think the Bloggernacle is today (which of the 3 models) — and what direction you think it is heading.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy!!!!

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  1. Tom Grover February 25, 2007 at 3:08 am


    You have done a great job creating a model for an online based community. When we first became friends one of the things that immediately impressed me was your passion and understanding of what a community means online and how to create an environment for it to take place. I have observed carefully and incorporated many of the same community building techniques into our show.

    True community online is rare. It requires not just the admin to believe in empathy, decorum and respect, but all that participate. My hat is tipped to not only John, but also all the regular contributors to the rich discussions that occur here at Mormon Stories. I absolutely love reading what everyon hear has to say and the rigorous but respectful intellectual volley that takes place on a daily basis. Wonderful.

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