Seeking Your Story as a Mormon Woman

John Dehlin Mormon, Mormon Stories

To begin our series on Mormon Women, I’m looking for around 20 Mormon women to tell a story. The details:

  • I’m thinking that these will be written essays that are read, and I will capture the audio.
  • We can record the audio over phone, or skype (if you have broadband, and a headest)
  • Let’s try to keep the story under 5 minutes. Unless it’s really, really, really crucial to make it longer.
  • Email me when you can, and send me your essay, along w/ a day/time that you might be able to do the recording.
  • You can do this anonymously if you wish.
  • If you have a positive and a negative, I’ll allow you 2 stories.

Some of the topics that might be interesting include:

  • marriage
  • being single
  • motherhood
  • not having children
  • community
  • callings
  • priesthood
  • abuse
  • sexuality
  • temple attendance
  • being a sister
  • being a daughter
  • the mormon sisterhood
  • working/career
  • feminism
  • LDS church history
  • LDS chuch doctrine
  • losing faith
  • gaining faith
  • you know better than me….so pick your own category

I’d love to get the bulk of these recorded by Thursday if possible.

I’d also love this to be a combination of the joyous, the sad, the difficult, and the triumphant.

Please pass this on to Mormon women you know who might have a story to tell.