Seeking Permabloggers for New Group Blog on Mormon Culture

John Dehlin Mormon

As an act of obedience to Elder Ballard, I’m looking into the option of turning Mormon Matters into a group blog (like T&S, BCC, the Cultural Hall and FMH).

Our slant would be:

  • Practical discussions about Mormonism as a culture….
  • Seeking balance from all sides of the faith spectrum (Fundamentalist, Conservative, Moderate, Liberal, RLDS, and Ex)
  • We’d have a podcast as well

I’m looking for at least 2 permabloggers in each of these categories. Permabloggers must have a deep and abiding love for Mormons and Mormonism. Those who wish the LDS church church ill in any way need not apply. Anyone who falls into the “Ex” category must be of the John Hamer variety — loves Mormons and Mormonism, and wants Mormonism to succeed…just has decided that membership isn’t for them right now. They must also be intelligent and well-read about Mormonism (which means that I won’t be posting much). Finally, they must always be respectful of other’s points of view — without exception. Screeds will not be tolerated. Speaking meanly about church leadership will not be tolerated.

All discussion must be respectful, and generally in favor of Mormonism as a people/culture/faith.

We’d like each permablogger to commit to at least one post per week — on the subject of their choosing.

Please email me at if you think you qualify, and are interested.