Seeking Help in Preparation for a Series on Women’s Issues Within Mormonism

John Dehlin Mormon, Mormon Stories

I am literally sickened with embarassment that I have now surpassed 50 episodes on Mormon Stories, and I have yet to do an episode on Women’s issues and the church.

I would like to atone for this soon, but I need your help. In all honesty (and isn’t this classic?), I know virtually NOTHING about feminism or women’s issues within Mormonism. Here’s what I’m thinking:

  • An episode on women’s issues and feminism generally, totally detached from Mormonism
  • An episode or two on the history of women’s issues in the church (from bibilcan times, to 1830, through modern day)
  • An episode or two on contemporary women’s issues within Mormonism
  • Anyone who has some profound, moving stories to tell on this front–about being a Mormon woman in the 21st century.
  • Maybe a bit of time highlighting FMH, ZD’s, and EX2 , with stories from the female bloggernacle?

What I need your help on:

  • A few really good articles, essays, and/or books I can read to prepare
  • Your ideas of who I might get for each of these segments
  • Any other feedback or thoughts you might have.
  • Volunteers of women’s blogs in the bloggernacle that would be willing to host discussions for each of the episodes (I will likely choose multiple)

Can’t wait!!!