Seeking Comments/Questions for My Next Interview: Polygamy Spokeswoman Anne B. Wilde

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OK…I’ve lined up my next interview–Anne B. Wilde, spokeswoman for Principle Voices. I met her at the Sunstone symposium last August–and she is an amazingly delightful woman.

I hope to do the interview mid-next week. Please post any questions or comments you’d like me to present to Ms. Wilde in advance.

About Ms. Wilde: Anne was born and raised in the LDS Church, coming from generations of prominent pioneer ancestors. She graduated with honors from BYU in Business Education, and was married in the Los Angeles Temple a year later. After extensive study and research, she determined that the original LDS teachings of the 1800’s were correct and considered herself to be an Independent Fundamentalist Mormon. During the 33-year marriage to her second husband, Ogden Kraut (deceased in 2002), Anne helped write and publish 65 books on fundamental LDS Gospel principles. In December 2000, she co-authored Voices in Harmony: Contemporary Women Celebrate Plural Marriage. She was the managing editor of the Fundamentalist Mormon magazine, Mormon Focus, and has authored several articles and book reviews. Anne has presented several papers at Mormon History Association and Sunstone Symposia. She has been serving on a child advocacy polygamy steering committee for over five years, is a co-founder of Principle Voices (organized Oct 2003), and is a member of the Utah Attorney General’s Safety Net Committee.