Robert Millet on How to Deal with Anti-Mormons

John Dehlin Mormon Stories

I stumbled upon this video presentation today. It is Robert Millet of BYU speaking to future missionaries regarding how to deal with anti-Mormons.

For those who have the time to watch/listen, I’m curious how you feel about his approach, and his logic.

One quote caught me a bit off guard:

“As Latter-Day Saints, you already know more about God, and Christ, and the Plan of Salvation than anyone who would attack you. You already know more than your attackers will ever know.”

Can that really be safely assumed? By a 19 year old missonary?

I’m curious how many of you agree on this point, and if you see any dangers in that level of confidence/arrogance. Is it really good for missionaries to carry this attitude/belief?

He also seemed to be arguing that the level and force of opposition to our church should be an indicator as to its truthfulness. Does that make sense to you? The greater the worldly opposition, the greater the truth? What about anti-war protests? Anti-poverty protests?

I sometimes wish that we had better logic and reasoning to offer our future missionaries.

And please know that I have strong admiration and respect for Dr. Millet.  This post has nothing to do with him, per say. It’s all about the logic and approach.  Dr. Millet deserves respect (IMO).