RadioWest Interview: Mormonism and Pop Culture (Featuring South Park)

John Dehlin Joseph Smith, Mormon, Mormon Stories

I love Doug Fabrizio (met him at Sunstone last week). I really enjoyed this interview w/ Mark Pinsky and Dennis Potter. It includes some interview footage w/ Southpark creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone on Mormons and Mormonism. This was a *really* enjoyable listen for me. Check it out here.

“Religion and the media have frequently had an uneasy relationship, and the LDS Church is no exception. Mormons are recognizable enough in mainstream culture to be depicted and even ridiculed in TV and film. With help from UVSC professor Dennis Potter and religion writer Mark Pinsky, Doug looks at the South Park episode “All about the Mormons?” In it, creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone take on some of the most sacred accounts of the Church’s origins. But beyond the caricature, what does the episode say about belief, faith and how outsiders understand the Church?

Mark Pinsky and Dennis Potter will discuss “The Americanization of Mormonism Reflected in Popular Culture” as part of the 2006 Sunstone Symposium on Mormonism and Pop Culture.

Visit Comedy Central’s South Park.

The episode featured in the interview can be found in the 3 clips below (I will acknowledge up front that some LDS folk may find these videos offensive. On the other hand, I think it’s super important that we become familiar with how we are being portrayed in the popular culture):

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3