Questions for Upcoming Podcast: “How to Remain Active in the LDS Church After Becoming Disaffected?”

John Dehlin Mormon Stories

Over the past year it’s become clear to me that perhaps the biggest productive role my podcast and blog serve on the Internet within Mormonism is in providing people w/ coping mechianisms to remain active, or reactivate themselves, after becoming disaffected w/ the LDS church. For many, this is a really hard thing to deal with.

My next podcast is going to address this topic.

For those of you who fit the following description, “I want to participate in church….but it’s just so hard now that I’ve been through all this”–please send me in advance the questions or problems that you have w/ activity, and I’ll do my best to address them individually in my podcast.

I very much look forward to this podcast–perhaps more than any I’ve done.