Questions for Brent Metcalfe

John Dehlin Mormon Stories

metcalfeI am very excited to announce that I will soon be interviewing Brent Metcalfe.  Brent is a fascinating interview for Mormon Stories for many reasons, including:

  1. He knew forger and bomber Mark Hofmann personally.
  2. He worked directly for Steven Christensen (son of Mr. Mac), one of Mark Hofmann’s victims.
  3. He went on to author/edit New Approaches to the Book of Mormon: Explorations in Critical Methodology, which examined in-depth the historicity claims of the Book of Mormon.
  4. Brent was ultimately excommunicated for editing/authoring this book.
  5. Brent has become one of the foremost scholars in understanding the Book of Abraham.
  6. Brent is generally a giant in Mormon Studies, and is a great guy.

Please post your questions for Brent here.  Thanks!