Preparing for the “Polygamy Podcast”

John Dehlin Mormon, Mormon Stories

OK…I’m ready to do the “Polygamy Podcast.” My plan is the following:

  • I’d like to use as a framework for the podcast this collection of facts I’ve assembled–all drawing from Church or primary sources.
  • The purpose of the podcast will be to lay out these basic facts–in other words, “Mormon Polygamy Facts That Cause LDS Folk to Struggle”
  • I’ve sent the link to FAIR, and have asked them (for a 2nd time) to provide any and all additions/corrections that they feel are relevant.
  • I have sent out an invitation to FAIR for their top polygamy expert to come on the podcast. I will welcome any and all thoughts/explanations/additions that they want to add. The purpose of this segment will be to help active LDS understand why these facts don’t have to impact testimony negatively (as Greg Kearnes did so elegantly w/ the Masonic issue).
  • If there’s any other expert and/or amateur who’d like to weigh in on the issue/podcast, I’m happy to entertain

I hope to hear back from FAIR soon. If any of you have thoughts/feedback in preparation, please supply soon!!!!