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In this thought-provoking interview, Mike, Nemo, and John Dehlin delve into the controversial topic of personal revelation in Mormonism. The discussion covers a range of doctrinal problems and contradictions that challenge the idea of personal revelation, from the dangers of blind obedience to leaders, confirmation bias, silencing dissenters and emotional manipulation. The conversation ultimately questions who has the authority to decide what constitutes valid personal revelation.

LDS Discussions essay on personal revelation 

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  1. Jeremy Valentiner April 26, 2023 at 4:21 am - Reply

    I really enjoyed this episode. Within the episode John commented that there should be an episode on Temple Changes.

    I have put together several websites tracking changes to Mormon Doctrine that might be helpful for Mormon Temple changes, see here:

    Doctrinal Evolution of the Mormon Temple

  2. REC911 April 28, 2023 at 10:29 pm - Reply

    As a TBM I get revelation for me when needed and I believe everyone gets “warm fuzzies” regardless of what religion you are. Warm fuzzies, or Holy Spirit, testifies of truth regardless what church you belong to. My revelation is thoughts in my mind that are not mine. Takes a bit of training to figure this out as I never get a spiritual confirmation when this happens, just thoughts. I believe everyone has access to this. Once you learn it, it gets easier to recognize. These typically happen immediately after or during prayer. Nobody in the church taught this to me, I had to learn this on my own. Revelations that I have gotten are not all religious in nature either. I firmly believe all can tap into this. I do get frustrated that the “brethren” hardly ever teach that you can get revelation right away. It has been my experience that when I do get revelation, I only get the minimum info I need to answer my question. I find that fascinating. Sometimes I get nothing, or no info, when this happens I just make a decision and move forward.

  3. Jen April 29, 2023 at 8:30 am - Reply

    Didn’t this church really begin when Joseph read “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, which giveth to all men liberally and upbraideth not” James 1:5.? Did this scripture become invalid or used up entirely by Joseph Smith and subsequently can apply to no one else?

  4. Born in the covenant May 2, 2023 at 6:42 am - Reply

    It’s got to be Stockholm syndrome, I know a family in Idaho who as a collective started out being the most ideal Mormon family. They would always put on little primary skits at Christmas party’s and show off their true beliefs at family gatherings and before too long it became obvious it was an obsession on the part of the mother they had to portray themselves on such a high plane that it made their extended family members uncomfortable enough they just stopped going to reunions and Christmas parties. On the one side it was blatant judgement on the other it was oh well we are just too good for sinners and life became the stretch of perfection pursuance. There were six perfect little ones in this family a few years back I was notified of a death in the family and a funeral was to be held . Mind you this is 25 years later . My testimony of the lds faith had slipped a bit so I rearranged my schedule and made it a point to be at this funeral. I arrived late and had to sit on the stage in the largest stake center in the greater Boise metropolitan area it was absolutely packed. Lds funerals , traditionally are the epitome of a spiritual awakening unless it’s a suicide. Then it’s excuse after excuse for just how difficult this life is to endure. Each of these grown children stood up and spoke only 2 were still active in the church there was in fact weeping wailing and knashing of teeth I was dumbfounded as many people got up and went outside as this 35 year old woman spoke of her slighty younger brother laying there nearly perfect in his appearance, and yet totally shattered in mind because he had missed perfections mark so bad it led him to end his own life. The picture in my mind of this young family singing I am a child of god 25 years earlier. Told me everything I needed to know and answered every question I came to have answered. With out a doubt the church is true it is everything they profess it to be the only thing is it is taking its followers directly away from a loving caring Christ, and to a place where perfected individuals ( saviors on mount zion) have replaced the God of this universe. I hope brother Joseph is held responsible this carnage. We are all living through a nightmare right now as we come to grips with the exposing of the truth. Lori and Chad Daybill are the poster children of what happens when you reach perfections pinnacle. The things we learn from observation. Amazing isn’t it? In scientific study nothing replaces observation and reaction . Many of us have traveled far and wide for this church doing missionary work and preaching the plan of happiness. This event was neither happy or encouraging . In order for a faith to provide resonance and reaffirmation, it must first provide security and a few miracles easily recognizable to its humble followers. Mormons have lost their security as the truth they were brought up with , by the church leadership has been replaced by apologists and guilt mongers . Just how difficult is missionary now you ask ? Just ask the 60 percent of return missionaries who are inactive one year after returning home from a mission.

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