Hey everyone! We have revamped our process for becoming a guest on Mormon Stories Podcast. We are currently seeking panelists for a number of upcoming panels including a Relief Society Presidents panel, a Bishops Wives panel, a “Recently Returned LDS Missionary” panel, a “lost my faith in the last year” panel, a “Left the church recently BEFORE serving a mission” panel, and a “Never Mormon” panel….amongst many others. We are also always on the lookout for traditional, long form Mormon stories with Mormons who were “in it to win it” – and for other unique Mormon stories. Click the link below for more details, and to apply to be on Mormon Stories Podcast.



  1. Mark Dewald April 8, 2024 at 8:00 pm - Reply

    We connected years ago and I was supposed to come on to be interviewed. Given recent events with Jodi and Ruby, I have something to my story. I was a client of Lifestar with my then wife. It was no where to the extreme of Jodi Hildebrant, but many of the same principles were taught. My wife was told to shun me, and cut me off from any intimacy. The way Lifestar is designed is that men and women separate into different groups. The woman that lead my ex-wife’s group I believe had a “Hildebrant” mindset. 3 women in that group divorced their husbands, I was one of them.

    As mentioned before I am willing to also speak about being sexually shamed over minor porn and masturbation. I can also speak on a few things I have seen as a detective who investigated persons crimes, which includes sexual offenses. I can’t go into case details but can speak of active members who were arrested for some serious sexual offenses and how I feel sexual shaming contributes to this.

  2. O.J. April 21, 2024 at 2:40 pm - Reply

    Hi everyone.
    First, I thank you all for the courage in you and the guest to this podcast for doing the good work.

    I am a native of an African country, convert, returned missionary, father, husband, and blessed enough, ex-Mormon.

    I found this podcast just over a week ago. After watching a number of guest’s stories, I am encouraged to go public about mine own exit story.

    I currently reside in the United States. I don’t know if you have had an ex-Mormon with international background. If am the first, I would probably be doing what am average Black African man have never done before in LDS history because of social-cultural upbringing- more on that later.

    I believe African Mormons in the thousands both at home and abroad have lost their faith this LDS incorporation, but they don’t want to speak publicly about it.

    I believe if I go public as I am now ever prepared through this podcast others will follow suit. My going public as an African native will open the eyes of current and ex-Mormon to dark path of LDS they didn’t know exist. I will be taking about these things:

    1) my back ground
    2) my conversation & missionary service
    3) international comparison of church (membership in Africa and USA)
    4) how I completely lost my faith and belief in the church.
    5) How African members should save themselves from LDS deceit and supremacy over them.

    6) other aspect of the church you want to hear from mine experience.

    7) will answer question of any kind.

    Thank you!

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