Join John and Carah as they discuss with Emma what it was like to grow up in a “Mormon Prepper” household.

Since the founding of Mormonism, there has been a core belief in the imminent Second Coming of Jesus Christ (thus the “Latter-day” portion of the Church’s official name). But over the past few decades, there has been an increasing trend towards “end times preparedness.” Ultra-orthodox Mormons sell their assets, move to rural areas, attend “Prepper” conferences (like “Preparing a People”), build fortresses, deny healthcare and education to their children, and stockpile food/weapons/ammunition, etc.

This movement is benign for a few but, for many, it leads to extreme behavior, divided families, financial ruin, a host of charlatan “prophets” who prey on this mentality (e.g., Julie Rowe), and, in some cases, murder (e.g., Chad Daybell and Lori Vallow story).


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  1. Ukulele Pat March 28, 2022 at 6:01 pm - Reply

    I just finished the first part and wanted to mention a few things. John Pontius’ family, consisting of his two sisters, brother, and mom and dad lived in our ward for many years and John would have visited so I may have met him.

    In GC of 1970, ETB recommended 4 books for all Church members and one was “None Dare Call It Conspiracy” by Bircher, Gary Allen. It talked in detail about the Jewish–Illuminati conspiracy begun in May 1, 1776, which would someday rule the world. ETB also thought that the conspiracy was the Gadianton Robbers. Cleon Skousen wrote a similar book. Benson’s son Reid, was a leader in the Birch Society. I was a chapter leader holding meetings with both current and past bishops.

    When I was a member of AVOW of Rigby, Idaho, whenever Eyring spoke there was talk of secret codes and sayings about the gathering.

    Another family and I researched tents and drove around our area in the Rocky Mountains looking for sufficient places to survive.

    People in our region continually think of last days and I have been inside fallout shelters that I have helped the owners build. But our county has no building codes.

    Today’s phrase, “The deep state”, used by Trump followers is a continuation of the Illuminati and it involves vaccine chips, George Soros, and Black Lives Matter. On the edge of this Q-ANON scare is the rise of hate groups and the right-wing militias.

    An EMP is a blast thousands of miles about the earth and all non-hardened electronics or things not put in a Faraday cage will cease to work. The grid will go down, cars made after 19 60 or so won’t run and supposedly a nation will return to the dark ages.

    In the ward here, a young couple was exed some 10 years ago for mailing Snuffer material stressing Jesus to all members’ mailboxes.

    Polygamy is definitely nothing new to our area. And for many years the ward was split over “follow the spirit” of “Follow the brethren.”

    Thanks, John, for having Emma on, and thanks to Emma for helping the world learn of the prepper movement.

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