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  1. Ugh what a freak show, all connected to the Benson/Skousen school of thought.

    To paraphrase Matthew: By their fruit-loops ye shall know them.

    Glenn Beck
    Ammon Bundy
    Cliven Bundy
    LaVoy Finicum
    Dylan Wade Anderson
    Bo Gritz
    Julie Rowe
    Brian David Mitchell
    Manti TLC

  2. Thank you for increasing my love for President Benson. I think he would also turn over in his grave watching election interference from the Obama administration, a fake Russia investigation, and fake impeachment. All well proven and documented now. It goes both ways. Say what you want about Benson, he was a true patriot and loved his country. Love the man. Agree about Trump, but after watching what Democrats have done for the last four years, it helps me understand Trump better. I did not vote for him last time, and still don’t like the man, but Democrats have lost all respect from me. Thanks for a great discussion, even if you do lump all people on the right and try to make us all look crazy.

  3. Professor Harris may be the best, most engaging storyteller that Mormon Stories has ever had.

    I can’t wait to buy his books. I love these Benson episodes!

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