Elna Baker speaks at the 2012 Mormon Stories conference in New York City.


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  1. New2podcasts November 4, 2012 at 12:22 pm - Reply

    I liked the message presented as it was honest and forthright. Parents have a transition to make in life as their offspring mature and make their own decisions. I found that there came a point in time where I had to take a stand with my parents. One has to be true to themself and follow inner drive rather than bobble along in life bouncing off external direction. I recall the time when I was given a passive aggressive question of : did we fail as parents?- question. I replied directly and said yes. That ended the control advances. LDS supposedly believe in agency but will try to manipulate family and society in their surroundings to fit the cultural norm of perception. Congratulations on choosing your own life and endeavors. I never married as well and I give much much weight to the mormon dogma and beliefs that float around about sex and many personal choices that have no vote by neither family nor church. In my opinion. agency is about respect for self and others.

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