After two amazing episodes exploring Randy Bell’s journey from Mormonism to Progressive Christianity, we invited the host of Marriage on a Tightrope podcast and outspoken atheist Allan Mount on for a respectful discussion about epistemology, anti-theism, death, and much more!


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Show Notes:



00:00:00 Introductions and review of Parts 1 and 2
00:10:06 Why Allan identifies as atheist
00:17:27 The difference between “atheism” and “anti-theism”
00:27:29 The limits of literalism/Allan and Randy model respectful dialogue
00:43:15 Is there any meaningful distinction between “god” vs. “nature” as Ultimate Creative Force
00:56:40 Do religious explanations increase our understanding of the world or prevent us from acting on scientific explanations?
01:18:04 An interventionist God and the problem of evil
01:36:23 Theistic and atheistic approaches to death and an afterlife
01:52:11 How to come to consensus
02:31:59 Closing Remarks

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