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1770: Where did Joseph get his ideas? w/ LDS Discussions Ep. 412023-06-06T23:58:54-06:00
1763: Patriarchal Blessings w/ LDS Discussions Ep 402023-05-19T08:33:04-06:00
1758: The Problems with Mormon Personal Revelation w/ LDS Discussions Ep 392023-05-17T09:28:39-06:00
1749: Problematic Mormon Revelations after Joseph Smith w/ LDS Discussions Ep 382023-04-18T23:13:22-06:00
1739: Joseph’s Failed Prophecies | LDS Discussions Ep. 372023-03-19T07:47:18-06:00
1734: Problematic Patterns in Joseph Smith’s Revelations | LDS Discussions Ep. 362023-03-06T08:20:45-07:00
1730: Revelation Pt 1: Joseph Smith’s Backdated Prophecies w/ Radio Free Mormon | LDS Discussions Ep. 352023-02-18T09:57:34-07:00
1719: Overview of Joseph Smith’s “Translations” w/ LDS Discussions – 342023-01-28T21:02:55-07:00
1716: What are the Kinderhook Plates? w/ LDS Discussions – 332023-01-28T20:57:29-07:00
1710: Book of Abraham, Part 3: A Look at the Text Itself w/ LDS Discussions – 322022-12-27T14:42:30-07:00
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