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1812: Mormon Prophet, Russell M. Nelson’s Teachings on Doubts w/ LDS Discussions Ep. 452023-09-15T13:07:00-06:00
1800: How the Church Handles Doubt w/ LDS Discussions Ep. 442023-09-19T10:48:46-06:00
1788: Spiritual Witnesses w/ LDS Discussions Ep. 432023-07-27T11:47:29-06:00
1783: The Transfiguration of Brigham Young w/ LDS Discussions Ep. 422023-07-07T07:02:58-06:00
1770: Where did Joseph get his ideas? w/ LDS Discussions Ep. 412023-06-08T12:48:47-06:00
1763: Patriarchal Blessings w/ LDS Discussions Ep 402023-05-19T08:33:04-06:00
1758: The Problems with Mormon Personal Revelation w/ LDS Discussions Ep 392023-05-17T09:28:39-06:00
1749: Problematic Mormon Revelations after Joseph Smith w/ LDS Discussions Ep 382023-04-18T23:13:22-06:00
1739: Joseph’s Failed Prophecies | LDS Discussions Ep. 372023-03-19T07:47:18-06:00
1734: Problematic Patterns in Joseph Smith’s Revelations | LDS Discussions Ep. 362023-03-06T08:20:45-07:00
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