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  1. The segment on masturbation was intriguing. I have had many bishops and not one of them thought that masturbation was in any way a minor sin, it was always serious. The very real emotional pain that came from being denied entrance to the temple several times solely for masturbation led me to lose my faith. We are taught that Christ requires us to live righteously the best we can but the church requires (in my experience) to actually live a standard, if you can’t meet it then too bad, trying is for naught. I couldn’t reconcile the stark contrast between what was being taught about the Atonement in Sunday school and my experience in bishops’ offices. The genuine happiness and authenticity I feel now tells me that I’ll probably never go back as a matter of emotional health. Having said that, my love for others leaves me with a strong desire for the church to make a statement that unequivocally states that masturbation is not sinful. The real, acute pain that I know others have because of hurtful Victorian views on masturbation is nothing short of repulsive and needs to stop now!!

  2. I was curious about Natasha’s comments about porn. I have read The Brain that Changes Itself and he argues that viewing porn can damage one’s brain and even make one impotent.

  3. Perhaps some wil find the following paper a complement to this discussion

    The Psychological Foundations of the Mormon Oient in Counseling and Psychotherapy

    Mark Edward Koltko, MS


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