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    1. Did anyone write down all the suggestions Tim made in Part 3 so they can be shared with others in text form?

  1. Tanner it appears that Dave has volunteered to ask Tiffany to volunteer to post that info. But Tiffany was already seeking a volunteer prior to Dave volunteering her. *JK* I’ll volunteer to do it tonight if it’s not up by then. I think Tiff was being a resourceful Mormon is all.

  2. I will work with John to post links to my two lists of suggestions in the show notes. Here are links.

    Recommendations for parents/members to protect their children by advocating with bishops / Stake Presents (My 14 recommendations on how members can interact with their local leaders to protect and better serve kids and the LDS Church.)


    Response to “How Mormons (the Church) Approaches Abuse” (Mormon Newsroom resource)
    I give 16 recommendations to improve the LDS Church’s child protection policies and practices


    My responses /suggestions:

    http://www.patheos.com/blogs/mormontherapist/2018/02/church-approaches-abuse-professionals-response.html )

    – Recommendations for Church Child Protection policies from other youth serving organizations
    -My experiences with BSA in by invitation only coordination meeting with other youth serving organizations to improve child protection.
    -BSA’s Youth Protection policies and how the LDS Church doesn’t follow for older boys, girls, and toddlers
    -Highlights from other church’s youth protection policies (Community of Christ, Methodist, etc.)
    Community of Christ

    United Methodist Church (Safe Sanctuaries)

    Episcopal Church

    Presbyterian Church

    United Church of Christ

    Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake

    Timothy Birt, MS, LPC, LMFT

  3. I’m really glad that there are people like Tim working from inside the church on these important issues. Really great interview. Thanks for coming on to Mormon Stories.

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