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  1. Wow! I’ve listened to literally hundreds of podcasts and this one is in my top 5 for sure! This is a MUST listen to podcast. This gentleman is so intelligent (and authentic) and everything he said was so spot on. I’m not surprised that he has done well in the business world, he is well spoken and has a way of explaining things in a clear, calm demenour. This was such an amazing podcast, thank you! This and Trevor Haugen’s podcast are my top 2. And Thomas Phillips of course. Any chance you can bring Trevor Haugen back on for a follow up podcast? It would be interesting to know where he is at now with the church/family.

  2. Also, it would be really interesting to hear about his brother’s journey out of the church as well?? That was fascinating that they were both questioning at the same time, on two different journeys out. I think that is the case in so many families. So many question and suffer in silence. Once he knew he wouldn’t “lose” his brother, that gave him more confidence to be honest. Maybe a possible podcast there?

  3. Awesome interview. Really impressed by how thoughtful and well-spoken he is. Especially loved the way in the third episode at 15-16 minute mark he talked about the beauty of living a fuller life, despite the challenges that brings. I served a mission in Switzerland so this really hit home for me.

  4. I have greatly enjoyed the fruits of the European tour and second what George said. I was deeply moved by two things Phillip said.

    “I’m more afraid of a life not lived than of a life where things change.” and
    “I don’t have anything to offer other than integrity.”
    The wisdom of Sophocles, friends, stated in the twenty-first century.

  5. I was glued to this interview until it came to the point of believing in Jesus and the atonement and from there I skimmed to the end. Phillip would probably state that if a person wanted to remain a good active Latter-Day Saint, he should refrain from intensive study of Mormonism. But why do many people believe this but not carry this concept further and say that if someone wanted to be a good Christian and follower of Jesus, they should refrain from an intensive study of Jesus and Christianity? When I stopped attending, I believed much as did Phillip but I continued studying and found similar problems in Christianity as I did with Mormonism. Phillip, you really need to look and listen to the fairly recent interview that John had with Bart D. Ehrman. You also need to check out or purchase Ehrman’s book, “Misquoting Jesus”.

    I enjoyed your interview, Phillip, because I live where I have TBM neighbors along with some Denver Snuffer followers (who are also active LDS), but I feel alone and my wife and I need such interview such as yours.

  6. What a great interview! I found myself nodding in agreement many times and saying, “Yes! Exactly!” to so much of what Philipp expressed so clearly and tactfully. Thank you for taking the time. Enjoyed it so much I might listen to it all again!

  7. Loved this, and not just because I have Swiss heritage! What an authentic and intelligent human being, this was a pleasure to listen to. Thank you for sharing your story.

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