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  1. Spencer, I had to take a little road trip yesterday and while I drive I usually listen to a John Dehlin Podcast and YOU were it! I just wanted you to know that I thoroughly enjoyed hearing your journey from the time you were 3 till present! I have a son close to your age, so your timeframe reminds me of him! I am a convert and became a very strong TBM after being baptized. When my son married in the temple, I did not feel sorry for his father not being able to attend the temple wedding – he KNEW what was required to be there! But, since I was a convert, none of my family could attend either. Since leaving the church myself a few years ago, I have become aware of how judgemental and non-empathetic I was while being a TBM. I’m SO SORRY for the many times I must have been blind to my “better than thou” attitude. I said once that I was not bitter towards the people in my ward but I am towards the upper leadership of the church. I get less bitter as the years go by because I am so glad to be FREE. I like listening to Mormon Stories, they remind me not to be complacent about ALL the lies the church won’t admit to. Yes, the essays are a step but hardly the full truth. I am saddened by all the years that I felt so unworthy to be a member; now I know how unworthy the leadership of this church are! I wish you all the best as you go forward in your life!

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