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  1. It wasn’t mentioned in the interview, but near the end of Jerald’s article “Moroni or Salamander” there is this revealing statement from Mark Hofmann himself:

    In an interview with Sunstone Review, September 1982, page 16, Mark
    Hofmann made these comments concerning forgeries:

    There have been all kinds of Lincoln forgeries . . . To
    date that hasn’t been a real problem with Mormon
    documents. Now, however, with the publicity that’s been
    given the tremendous amount of money to be realized
    (for example, the Trib mentioned a $30,000 figure for the
    Lucy Mack Smith letter), there may be some temptation
    to forge.

  2. Love love love Sandra!! So sharp, factual, friendly and comfortable in her demeanor. She’s Amazing!! Going strong at 80!!

  3. The Documentary is informative. But the overall purpose of it still eludes me. Although murder is frown upon by the community is not entirely unknown. If anything at all the lack of recognition by Mark’s parents on his distancing of scripture is really disturbing. I wonder if this is an underlaying problem that pervades the community at large. Mark’s prowess and ingenuity went to waste on his parent’s and teachers watch. Too much heaven on their minds?

  4. I’m wondering why you haven’t asked about Elder High Pinock and his $183,000 signature loan. I believe that was highly significant discovery by the investigator brought in from outside the mormon cult that help people recognize something obvious to an outsider, that people within the mormon culture or even in the state of utah were not seeing. Also, it seems like High Pinock went i oblivion after all this. Did Hugh Pinock have his spiritual awakening and become a nonbeliever. Was Pinock sent to oblivion by the church or even paid a huge NDA to keep quiet? Sincerely, Jay Larsen

    1. I believe he died “within the covenant” in a good ol’ clean bar like Wesley Hardin’ Jay. No public issues with the loan I believe.

  5. Excellent interview! The last two hours seem to be missing. The video ends a little after the 4 hour mark while Sandra is still speaking

    1. Post
  6. Oh dear Sandra and Jerald (and definitely you too John!) Thank you so much for the years (and lifetimes!) of work you guys have put in. I am so grateful for what you have done for the world. Because of you I have a wealth of information to guide me through deconstructing my faith. On top of that, and even more valuable to me, is that because of your progressive lives, and the many, many sacrifices you had to make, my faith journey isn’t as frowned upon, or as lonely, as it would have been if I didn’t have amazing people like you paving the way. You lived that life so that many after you didn’t have to. I know the church talks a lot about service, but THIS is what living a life in the service of others looks like to me.

    You are all heroes, truly. I admire you so much.

    Sandra’s one liners are definitely my favorite thing about this interview. She has the most contagious, spunky personality!

    Thank you for sharing this with us!

  7. Sandra Tanner is a living Legend! Thank you, John, for interviewing her. Her work has been invaluable in laying groundwork for many important critiques and expose’ in Mormon history. Thank you Sandra for your intellect, integrity, courage and keen perception and ability to discern fact from fiction. I would look to Sandra as a more capable “Prophet” any day over any Mormon “Prophet”

  8. To me the documentary is the moral equivalent of a Gospel Topics Essay about the Hofmann situation. Other producers may have been nosing around about doing the story. The Church didn’t want to be put in the position of refusing to be interviewed not to mention having the full story of the Tanners’ role being told. The documentary put enough lipstick on that pig to make the Church look less dumb.

  9. Yes. Please have her on in a series of interviews about the content of her research. It’s extremely interesting to those of us who don’t know about her research

    Thank you. She’s wonderful. And so positive and happy. I love her

  10. I think its fairly obvious that his intention was to expose the leaders and their deceptions. Because he was clearly a classic sociopath from the beginning, he works within that wheel house to come up with and carry out a plan that is true to the characteristics of a sosiopath.

    A sociopath is very capable of living a seemingly normal life with wife, children, etc, exhibiting the full gamut of emotions etc. Its just that for a sociopath, the emotions they exhibit are mostly with regard to what personally affects him. In that respect , it is genuine, even though very narrowly limited. Since the Mormon church provides such a specific script for living , down to the underwear…it would have been relatively easy for him to disguise his darker side and just follow the script without triggering suspicion.

    The hyper moral context of the LDS culture would have given him the perfect rationale that the end justifies the means. Whatever he has to do to satisfy this obsessive intention to double cross the brethren can be excused as worth while. His lack of empathy as a sociopath just more easily afforded him to include options such as making bombs, friends being killed and so on.

    Many sick sociopaths have comfortably found anonymity in the mormon church for a time…while very diabolic schemes and actions are afloat going undetected. That would be a fascinating topic to explore… is it that the moron church is such a great place for sociopaths and predators to act out their evil deeds right under the noses of largely decent people?

    The sense that his extreme actions were justified, was not an altruistic one. It was simply , that the brethren deserved being exposed and the satisfaction that he could be clever enough to outsmart a 200 year ruse, was what he wanted. That is a very sociopathic trait as well…that they are smarter than everyone else, experts included and they very much live to act that out.

    I dont believe that he was ever motivated to improve or help members of the church…that was very much beside the point as evidenced by his actions.

  11. Regarding 26:30 (Part 2) discussion about intelligence and belief, how we arrive at conclusions emotionally and then use our intelligence to support our positions – see the book The Righteous Mind by Jonathan Haidt. It’s a good explanation of this, based on studies in moral foundations.

  12. I honestly could have watched twice or three times as much of any interviews with Sandra Tanner. Her integrity, her humility, and her grasp of the issues inspire.
    I smiled at her self-deprecating description of Jerald’s and her formal educations as their being “dummies.” Really??? May I please point out that they discovered and presented the problems with early church history long before “the learned and studied” were earning their college credentials. Uh, that’s not the mark of a lack of intelligence.
    Thank you, John, for the presenting to us the treat which is Sandra Tanner!

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